Ruhlig’s Cherry Tomatoes on the Salad Bars

Throughout September 2014, we partnered with Dexter Food and Nutrition to source 60 pints of cherry tomatoes from Ruhlig’s Produce in Dexter, MI for use on the salad bars in all 6 Dexter schools! The tomatoes represent a partnership that came full circle from school to farm and back to school! Last spring, students atContinue reading “Ruhlig’s Cherry Tomatoes on the Salad Bars”

Summer crops wind down in the SMLGarden

August was a fruitful month in the Sullivan Memorial Learning Garden. The students’ CAS projects wound down just as many of the summer crops were reaching their last legs. Tomatoes became blighted and the zucchini and summer squash fizzled out after producing loads of juicy fruits over the last two months. The CSA family cameContinue reading “Summer crops wind down in the SMLGarden”

DHS Garden Spring Workday 2.0

Please sign up to help us turn this dirt pile . . . . . . into a beautiful entryway with a sign designed by the DHS Art With Heart Club! Sign up to volunteer! We finished one side of the entryway at our April workday, but this time we will finish the job, makingContinue reading “DHS Garden Spring Workday 2.0”

Cornerstone Elementary Garden Club

Have you seen the flowers and lovely landscaping at Cornerstone Elementary lately? Spring flowers and shrubs are all around the school and the entrance landscaping beds are decorated with pinwheels and other fun ornaments. ¬†These special elements are the result of the dedicated parents and community members that make up the Cornerstone Elementary Garden Club.Continue reading “Cornerstone Elementary Garden Club”

Student-Grown Salad Greens (soon)

One of the first things you learn as a gardener is that there’s a HUGE world beyond lettuce. ¬†And, for those of us who love a good salad, that world is a paradise. With Dexter Food and Nutrition anticipating a few new salad bars to come into the schools, we’ve been thinking about fresh, localContinue reading “Student-Grown Salad Greens (soon)”