What do Dexter kids think of Winter Squash?

January Farm Fresh Food Days featured locally grown Winter Squash from J&T Todosciuk Farms at all six Dexter schools. ¬†Students were invited to try samples of roasted Acorn and Sweet Dumpling squash, explore the many varieties of winter squash that grow in Michigan, and voice their opinion about the squash they tried. Some tried itContinue reading “What do Dexter kids think of Winter Squash?”

Volunteers Needed: Farm Fresh Food Day

This month’s Farm Fresh Food Day is going to be BIG. ¬†We’ll be featuring Winter Squash at ALL 6 Dexter schools, specifically Acorn and Sweet Dumpling squash grown at J&T Todosciuk Farms in Howell, MI. Dexter students are especially excited for this month’s Farm Fresh Food Day, so don’t miss out on the fun! SignContinue reading “Volunteers Needed: Farm Fresh Food Day”