Farm to Freezer

Cherry Capital Foods has been an important partner in Dexter Food and Nutrition’s path to increase their local purchasing. One of Cherry Capital’s source vendors is the Farm to Freezer program featured in this gorgeous and touching video. This community based job training program flash freezes produce from farms in Northern Michigan, providing locally grown food directContinue reading “Farm to Freezer”

Student-Grown Salad Greens (soon)

One of the first things you learn as a gardener is that there’s a HUGE world beyond lettuce.  And, for those of us who love a good salad, that world is a paradise. With Dexter Food and Nutrition anticipating a few new salad bars to come into the schools, we’ve been thinking about fresh, localContinue reading “Student-Grown Salad Greens (soon)”

Keep in touch

As the snow starts to melt and seeds get started indoors, more opportunities to help in the school gardens will start cropping up along with the seedlings.  Keep in touch with spring updates by signing up for our Email newsletter.  You’ll get monthly updates, volunteer opportunities, recipes using seasonal foods, articles on farm to schoolContinue reading “Keep in touch”