Local Radish and Asparagus Tasting Responses

May Farm Fresh Food Days were a real feature of spring produce in Michigan, with both radishes and asparagus being sampled throughout Dexter schools.  Students at DHS, Mill Creek, Creekside, and Cornerstone got to fresh spring radishes from two different local farms; Zilke Vegetable Farm and Tantre Farm.  After students at those schools ate throughContinue reading “Local Radish and Asparagus Tasting Responses”

“It tasted a little weird” and other student responses

We knew going into the April Farm Fresh Food Days that wheat berry salad was going to be a hard sell.  So we dressed up the wheat berries with a sweet, tangy dressing and added some MI-grown dried cranberries to the mix to sweeten the deal.  Check out the recipe here. For the majority ofContinue reading ““It tasted a little weird” and other student responses”

April 2014 Farm Fresh Food Days

Spring may be here, but winter is not far in our past and it was a bad one for farmers trying to grow year-round.  The frigid temperatures made it difficult for local farmers to keep their spinach and other winter greens going in the hoop houses, which normally work well for such crops.  So weContinue reading “April 2014 Farm Fresh Food Days”

“We really need more fruits & vegetables!” and other responses from March Farm Fresh Food Days

March in Michigan, especially this year, looked nothing like spring.  So when seeking out locally grown food to serve the students, we had to think about the foods that were harvested in the fall and stored over the winter.  This time, we went with Bosc Pears grown at Friske Orchards in Ellsworth, MI.  We had studentsContinue reading ““We really need more fruits & vegetables!” and other responses from March Farm Fresh Food Days”

Volunteer Opportunity

This month we will be sampling PEARS from Friske Orchards in a fresh pear salad recipe!  Dexter Food and Nutrition will be getting new salad bars into Wylie and Creekside sometime this April, so we are working to introduce a few new items that could go on the salad bars from local farmers. We’ll try out aContinue reading “Volunteer Opportunity”