For Farmers

If you are a farmer and would like to engage with the Dexter Farm to School Program, here are some ways to get involved:

Farm to Cafeteria

This year, our Farm to School Coordinator is working with Dexter Community Schools Food and Nutrition Department to establish more relationships with local farmers who are interested in selling to the schools.  If you would like to be a farmer in the Dexter Schools’ network, please view and fill out the forms below and send them to or mail to the address specified in the forms:

Farmer Outreach Packet

If you are a farmer interested in developing relationships with schools and institutions, check out some of these resources that may help you establish your farm business as one that can cater to these markets:


Marketing Michigan Products to Schools: A Step-By-Step Guide

Food Safety:

On Farm Food Safety Plan SAMPLE

Making an OFFS Plan

Guide to Minimize Microbial Hazards


For Farmer – Evaluating an Instutional Customer

Farmer in the Classroom

Connecting kids directly with farmers in a classroom setting is a powerful way to foster healthy eating habits, a connection to local agriculture, and a sense of community.  We can schedule a visit in a Dexter School and offer support to ensure that your visit is fun and effective.  Email us at and let us know you’d like to be a Farmer in the Classroom.

Farm Field Trip

Do you have easy-to-harvest berries, fun-to-pick roots, or irresistibly cute animals on your farm?  Then it sounds like your farm would make a great field trip destination for Dexter kids!  Contact us at

Want to make your farm a destination?  Check out this Guide to Field Trips for Farmers.


We can use your help in lots of ways!  Fill in our volunteer survey and let us know how you’d like to be involved.

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