Garden Boosters


Our gardens need your help!

The Dexter Schools Garden Boosters is a group of parents, teachers, community members, and non-profit partners who have come together to support the school gardens district-wide.  Each garden currently has a point-person who serves on the Garden Boosters and can help new parents and community members looking to get involved in their school’s garden.  If you’d like to get involved, email or join us for the following fall events:

October, Fall Harvest Soup Supper- 10/20. Join us to help prepare for our Fall Soup Supper Fundraiser.  Time to be determined.

November, Make and Take Delicious Holiday Dinner Rolls- 11/17. Join us for a cooking demonstration and get a head start on your Thanksgiving holiday meal. All participants will take home an assortment of our delicious Creekside dinner rolls.  Time to be determined.


Dexter Schools Garden Boosters seeks to support and sustain the school gardening efforts throughout Dexter Community Schools by providing leadership, resources, and sustained visibility within the school district.

Goals for the 2016-17 School Year

  • Build a shed/pop-farm market for Sullivan Memorial Garden at Dexter High School
  • Establish a faculty contact person at Mill Creek Middle School that is interested in creating a Victory Garden related to 7th or 8th grade history curriculum
  • Expand the vegetable growing area at Creekside Intermediate School
  • Revitalize Wylie Elementary School’s existing courtyard garden with plants native to Michigan
  • Establish a contact and communication representative from Cornerstone Elementary Schools’ PTT groups who will participate in the Dexter Schools Garden Booster Program
  • Assist with the building of the Bates Rain Garden


Minutes from last month’s meeting