Cool, Colorful, Cauliflower

When you think of cauliflower do adjectives like cool and colorful come to mind?  Probably not!

This week at Wylie, students were introduced to orange (cheddar cultivar) and purple varieties of cauliflower in addition to the ubiquitous snow-white colored member of the Brassica family. Students were given samples of local cauliflower during their lunch and the lively conversations that followed were amazing.

Expressions like, “Wow this is cool!” or “Purple! Really?” dominated the students discussions, in addition to, “Which color tastes better?”  and “I think the cheddar kind is spicy, but I like it!”

Students overwhelmingly voted 3 to 1 that they wanted to see more cauliflower on the salad bar or hot lunch line.  The next day the cauliflower was served on the salad bar and it was a hit.  One student from Wylie reported she had two servings on her tray and ate it all!  What a great way for students to meet the daily recommended amount of fresh vegetable servings.




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