‘Tis the season for HOOPs!

Just because the temperatures are dipping and December daylight is waning, doesn’t mean our gardens shut down completely for the season. Students at Creekside are experimenting with different varieties of spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce and a new green to our gardens, mâche.

There is a lot of science (winter varieties, baby vs. mature plants, and temperature regulation) and a little luck (please, no polar vortex!) that goes into winter gardening. This will be the first year students are using low, fabric-covered, tunnel hoops to extend the growing season. Students are using a mid-weight fabric that allows sun and moisture to seep through, but will hopefully keep out most of the January chill. We have vegetable varieties for winter harvest, overwintering and seeds for winter sowing. Wish us luck, the students will take care of the rest.

Whether you are interested in experimenting with antique glass cloches, forcing winter bulbs, building cold frames or just eating a wonderful homegrown green salad in February, the winter months are a great time to extend your growing season. You can find more information about winter gardening here.



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