Students at Creekside and Wylie celebrate Pi day (3.14) with Michigan sourced blueberries

On Monday 3.14, students at Creekside and Wylie enjoyed a slice of homemade blueberry pie to celebrate Pi Day!  Traditionally this has been a day where students explore the never ending number Pi or (3.14159…) in math or science class, but both Dexter Food and Nutrition and Dexter Farm to School thought it would be a great way to continue the classroom learning in the lunchroom.   The pie was made with frozen blueberries sourced from Michigan.

Some student responses-

“This was delicious!”

“Can I have another slice?”

“I love Pi Day!”








One thought on “Students at Creekside and Wylie celebrate Pi day (3.14) with Michigan sourced blueberries

  1. Never heard of Pi day, what a great idea! Love that you are using frozen blueberries during March to tie in the food angle. Do you guys grow blueberries at your school? We have four plants in our school garden, but they didn’t produce much last year. We just mixed up a batch of Ericaceous compost to try and add a little acidity to our soil. The kids cut up the pine branches we had used in outdoor holiday displays, layered that with garden compost, then a layer of coffee grinds (thanks to Starbucks donation of A LOT of grinds!), then more garden compost. We kept layering until we ran out of supplies. I think we’ll use it like a mulch in a few weeks or so. Might not do much this growing season, but hoping it well help in the long run. Look forward to seeing more of what you guys are up to!

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